Pet Tails

 Isadora’s story

Here in El Cid we welcome any cats or dogs that walk, or are sometimes dragged through our doors. We love to hear of owners forming such caring and loving relationships with their pets, that they are willing to put time and effort into caring for them, and spending time learning how to best look after their animal. Sadly however that is not the case for everyone; in May 2014 El Cid staff were reminded of the cruelty some people are capable of. Isadora was a four week old kitten when she first arrived at El Cid, after being thrown out of a moving car’s window. This was spotted by a client of El Cid and the kitten was rushed to Dr Garcia right away.

Isadora was checked over and though face to face with death, she lived to survive the assault on her life.

At the same time we had a mother cat in the clinic who was nursing six of her own kittens, and so Isadora was successfully introduced to the litter, and grew up as the 7th kitten to the mother cat.

Soon enough the kittens and mother cat were all adopted into loving homes and only Isadora was left behind. This could have been due to the shorter bottom jaw she had developed because of her injuries (earning her the nickname ‘mouth’ amongst the clinic staff) though despite this she is the friendliest cat around, and loves a game of chase when she gets the chance.


She is extremely loving, and though having survived a brutal attack on her life, Isadora is still waiting for her forever home in El Cid animal clinic, and would love to say hello and play with any willing humans willing to give her the time.

Animal cruelty is an ongoing problem in America, and we encourage all witnesses of the crime to report the activity going on once seen.