Odin is one very lucky dog.

Back on the 15th December 2014, Odin was snatched from his owners’ parents’ house only two minutes after being put in the yard. The owners even have video footage of the puppy being lifted over their fence by a tall man, though not enough evidence to track down the kidnapper.

It was a very dark and hopeless time for Odin’s family, who spent endless hours looking for their puppy, handing out fliers and calling rescue centers. After two long months the couple made the difficult decision to stop looking for Odin, and instead bought another dog into their home in hopes of filling the void now permeating their house.

Another month passed with no sign of Odin. Once a dog is lost, there is a ten day period from when it first goes missing that the odds of being reunited are favourable. After ten days however the odds are nearly obsolete.

On Wednesday, the 11th March in the afternoon, a man called Zach walked into El Cid animal clinic and asked at the front desk if we had a tool for reading microchips. He explained that he had found this dog that morning on the side of the road in Rivera beach, skinny and dirty, and thought he better bring him in here.

We looked and thankfully the handsome white pit-bull/lab mix did indeed have a microchip which led to an animal shelter not far from us. The animal shelter had the number of Odin’s owner in their records and we were able to phone the owners. A woman answered the phone. After giving our usual spcheal and letting her know we are from El Cid Animal clinic we told her “We wanted to let you know that your dog Odin is here waiting for you”. There was a silence on the other end, and then tears.

We all waited in anticipation with Zach and Odin for his owner who were ten minutes away, and knew at once when they walked through the door that it was a correct match. Odin was ecstatic to see his parents again, who immediately fell to floor and were covered in slobbery kisses from their puppy.

After four months Odin had grown, though after a few minutes the owners noticed with joy that Odin was still wearing his same dog collar, matching his leash that his parents had kept in a drawer all this time.

Odin was given an exam right away, as well as his vaccines that were overdue. Nothing was seriously wrong and Odin went home that afternoon only in need in need of a long bath.

This story highlights the importance and value of getting your pet micro chipped and registered. Odin’s odds were certainly against him ever finding his home again after a kidnapping and four months away, though his microchip saved him and he is now happily home again – and even with a new dog friend at home to play with as well!


Odin reunitedOdin reunited 2


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