With spring in full flow this can only mean one thing – its barbeque season!

Don’t we all love barbeques? What is not to love about the warm air, delicious smelling meats and friends gathering together? Our dogs love it too. Picking meat scraps from empty plates, licking the utensils clean and making new friends with the guest who serves them under the table.

We all know however how quickly a perfect day can turn sour. El Cid wants you to know the safest way to enjoy your summer barbeques, keeping your dog happy and out of the emergency room. Firstly, it is very important to be clear about what is safe and what is dangerous for your dog to eat.


For starters, bones are extremely dangerous for dogs if they have not been made specifically for that purpose.  They might choke on them, or suffer an injury if the bone should splinter and become lodged in, or even puncture the digestive tract. Have a pet-proof container ready for throwing bones into.

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

For the weight watchers out there: Hot dogs can actually be a great treat for pets, but only if they are cut up into bite size pieces and carefully fed one at a time to the pet. Dogs can get excited and swallow a hot dog whole, without stopping to chew. Also to keep in mind that hot dogs are a high fat, high calorie food. Ration them to your pets and make it clear to guests not to share their “dogs” with the dogs..

Beware of dips!

Chips and dip are a favorite at barbeques. Foods such as raisins, avocado and onions however are poisonous to dogs, causing all sorts of problems such as renal failure and red blood cell damage. If your dogs start vomiting and having bloody diarrhea take them to the vet right away. Food poisoning is serious.


This food isn’t directly poisonous to dogs, though it can still be an extremely dangerous choking hazard. The cob can get stuck in either the throat or intestines of the dog, potentially needing invasive surgery to remove. The safest thing to do is to keep these far away from your pet’s mouth.

Bonus Tip

Fireworks. Obviously this isn’t a food, though it is definitely a dangerous barbeque hazard! Fireworks contain hazardous chemicals like chlorates, potent oxidizing agents which are harmful to red blood cells and kidneys; soluble barium salts, which can cause a life-threatening drop in potassium; sulfur, which can convert to sulfate in the intestinal tract and act like an acid; and coloring agents, which can contain dangerous heavy metals.

Firework are also extremely loud. A dogs hearing is far more sensitive to a humans, and so they can be easily startled by them,. They also have the potential to badly burn dogs as they are still hot when they land on the ground. It is best to put the dogs inside and keep them far away from all fireworks while they are being ignited.

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