Lucy and Ricky have a big story to tell. They had just been enjoying a day at the beach together, and were walking along the shore side by side when they were spotted by a couple of humans. Carrie Colangelo and Chris Fleming had been watching the two dogs for a while from a distance. The dogs were obviously friendly, with their tongues lolling out and tails wagging enthusiastically, though the two were not wearing any leashes, or indeed any collars either.

The dogs spotted the two humans calling them. The mother dog and her son obliged, racing over to be petted and stroked by the friendly people. The humans took the two dogs to their friend’s house on Hypoluxo Island where the dogs were fed and watered. They couldn’t tell how long the mother and son had been without food, though they certainly had appetites!

Not long after, they were on the road again, this time to the lifeguard station. This is a popular location in the town where residence would post flyers of missing animals. No one seemed to be looking for them just yet. The pair was doing their best however to worm their way into the hearts of humans Chris and Carrie. They only had to bend down in front of them to be rewarded with licks and cuddles. The two dogs were inseparable, obviously a mother and son who would affirm their love by jumping on and licking each other.

Although no flyers were up at the lifeguard station, they gave the police a call to check for any leads. At last there was a response! The police were indeed looking for the mother and son, and were on their way to pick them up. On arrival however, the humans learnt that while the police were looking for them, it was only because they had made themselves known for a few months now, scavenging up and down lantana. The mother had had a litter of pups since the son who was with her, though sadly none were to be found today.

The humans then fully realized the dogs’ fate. They were to be taken to animal care and control. The two took the dogs firstly to PetSmart, where they were both tested for microchips though none were found. Next they headed to Carrie’s house for a sleepover.

Carrie wanted to spend time with the dogs, though she was not home enough to do so, and the son (newly named Ricky) being only a little over 10 months old had bundles of energy. The mother (named Lucy) it was discovered knew a few commands such as sit, stay and come. Both road famously in the car and enjoyed watching the world fly by from the backseat.

The humans started making pleas to the public for help. They needed to find these two angels a forever home soon, to give the dogs the stability they deserve. Soon after a friend jumped in and took the dogs over to her house. Considering the amount of stress the dogs have had up to this point, it was an added blessing that the dogs showed no signs of aggression. It was unfortunate however that they did not appreciate being left along for too long, and ultimately chewed up the patio couch and dug out of the friend’s fence, to be picked up by animal care and control a few hours later.

It appeared that the challenges for this pair were not over yet. Despite their clear loving and playful nature, the mother and son were separated on arrival at Animal Control as neither had been ‘fixed’. Thankfully the two were characterized as ‘well behaved’ during the group observation, so instead of being euthanized, were placed in the adoption program.

When Julie Blumel first came to hear the dogs’ story, she began a plea campaign of her own to help the mother and son. Through this a woman came forward willing to foster the dogs as long as Julie Blumel took care of the adoption process and medical bills.

This news encouraged Julie, and upon her first visit to see the dogs, Ricky the puppy rolled onto his back and looked her right in the eyes, pleading to be taken away from his captivity there.

Two days later the dogs were ready to leave. Ricky the puppy threw his paws around his mother’s neck as they left the Animal Control building, licking her mouth and chewing her ears. She responded with a soulful gaze on her face that spoke loud and clear as a ‘Thank you’ to the humans rescuing her. It was at that moment that Julie Blumel decided to keep the dogs at her house (despite the four other creatures she already cares for) rather than having the dogs move from place to place at the risk of being separated.

Since this time, the two have had vet visits as well as training to sit, stay, lie down and come. Both are well adjusted, happy together and smart. Although Julie loves these dogs with all of her heart she is unable to keep them. That said however, she is unwilling to let them go without each other. Will you be their ultimate human savour? Will you give them the happy ending that they deserve?


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