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Companion Animal Diagnostics

We are here with you from the first blood draw to the last!

When it comes to treating your pet’s condition, an accurate diagnosis is the first, and arguably, the most important step of the process. We are equipped to provide a wide array of veterinary diagnostic options to ensure that your pet’s testing is thorough. There are also many diagnostics that require follow-up testing to indicate that your pet’s test results are accurate. Our team is aware of the necessities of continued testing and we make it our priority to work closely with you to address your concerns and obtain a correct diagnosis.



As we continually strive to offer the highest-quality medicine, we are proud to include in-house diagnostic laboratory services as a means of providing excellent care to our patients. Although many important diagnostic tests can only be performed by outside laboratories, other tests can be performed in-house and you will have the opportunity to get test results within minutes!

Pet X-Rays and much more!

Here is a short list of all the diagnostic testing offered at El Cid Animal Clinic. If you do not see the name of the test you would like your pet tested for, please give us a call at (561) 832-7922 to make the necessary arrangements.

•  Blood Testing
•  Urinalysis & Urine Cultures
•  Fecal Testing
•  Ultrasounds
•  Full body x-rays and dental x-rays
•  CT Scans
•  Heartworm Testing
•  Feline AIDS and Leukemia Testing
•  Canine/Feline Pancreatic Testing
•  Skin & Ear Cytology
•  Biopsies
•  Vaccine Titer Testing
•  Renal Profile
•  Allergy Panels
•  And much more!

We are here to provide you with everything you need in one place!

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