Tens of millions of animals suffer from allergies, yet only a small fraction are ever properly diagnosed, tested, and treated. Requiring only a simple blood draw, Heska’s ALLERCEPT® IgE testing can accurately identify offending allergens and point the way to immunotherapy treatment — a safe, natural and proven long-term solution.
Highly Accurate TestingAllercept Starter Testing Kit

  • Industry Leading Sensitivity detecting less than 10 picograms of allergen-specific IgE
  • Absolute Specificity with patented IgE receptor capture technology.
  • New Universal Panel of 83 allergens.
  • Easy Results Interpretation using proprietary HERBU™ Measurement.
  • Two Effective Treatment Solutions including Therapy Shots and Therapy Drops.
  • Patient-Specific regionalized immunotherapy recommendations with total case management consultation.

World Class Support

  • Heska’s Veterinary Diagnostic Lab: Test results within 2 business days.
    — Easy-to-read and interpret test results
    — Recommendation for allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment based on test results.